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April 17 See full image and story

To govern well, an individual must hate evil, wrong, and injustice. Teach Your servants of justice to fear You, El-Elyon (the Most High God). In faith, they will seek You daily and will delight in knowing Your ways. Then they will have the courage to be Your ministers to avenge those who practice evil. They themselves will walk in honesty and integrity.

Increase the numbers of men and women who are willing to pay the cost to bring justice according to Your Word. Blessed and Holy Ruler, grant them an anointing of Your Holy Spirit like You bestowed upon Solomon. Give them a discerning heart between good and evil, right and wrong. Open their ears to hear Your voice instructing them. May each defend the weak, the poor, the widows, and the fatherless. We need judges, lawyers, and law enforcement officers who will not look the other way because of age, color, gender, and/or ethnicity. May they not develop hearts of stone as they seek to serve their nation and community in difficult situations.

Correct, O Lawgiver, those who do not preserve justice, truth, and righteousness especially as it concerns women and children. If these government servants of Yours do not listen and obey Your correction, remove them from office. They will not primarily look out for their own personal interests.

We yearn for the day when all wrongs will be righted, all evil recompensed, and all injustice revealed. Until then, You have placed leaders in authority in each and every nation to execute righteousness, judgment, and justice and to uphold Your laws. Use them to execute justice for the oppressed. May they tread upon the lion and cobra in Your strength. Thank You for Jesus, Our Advocate, sitting on Your right hand speaking up for us.

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