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June 23 See full image and story

Jesus said that the poor would always be with us. However, You charged us, Your children, to not harden our hearts or to shut our hands from our poor brethren. El-Olam (the Everlasting God), You have blessed many around the world with more than what is needed. Open our eyes, ears, and hearts to Your Spirit. Perhaps there is more You would have us to do.

Some women are struggling now because they have not been faithful to return the tithe to You or have turned their face from the poor in the past. Where they are, right now in their poverty, encourage them to be obedient. Then open the floodgates and bless them with increase in whatever way You deem best.

Reveal where poor family choices and sins of the past have entrapped women and children so these sins can be brought to the cross to be broken and Your blessing restored. Bring to light where there has been dishonest gain. May these women and children follow Zaccheus’s example to make restitution as You lead. Thank You for Jesus being our Advocate and forgiving sins regarding money. Convict the hearts of the lazy, the undisciplined, or those women and teens that hold to a feeling of entitlement. Bring them to repentance and provide a means for each to support themselves and their loved ones.

Under Your almighty wings, shelter and provide for those who are poor because of unforeseen, disastrous events beyond their control. Arouse believers around the world to come to their aid and reestablish each. Break the strength of those who have a love for money. Because of their greed, they have oppressed the poor rather than relieving their distress. In faith they will be caught in the schemes they have devised.

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