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May 6 See full image and story

Dear Father, You have clearly told us what is good for mankind. You require us to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with You. When we fail, You see it all, El-Roi (the Strong One Who Sees).

We have confidence to enter boldly into the Holy Place because of the blood of Jesus. Therefore, we take a stand against the corruption, lying, and stealing in this world and in Your church. It is not Your way or Your plan. Break the bonds that enslave these leaders to corruption, and may they find freedom in Jesus. In the power of Your Spirit, they will not walk in the counsel of the wicked or be overcome by the intense pressure of those around them who desire to do what is wrong. In You, men and women in positions of authority are granted everything they need to live in godliness. So many leaders stumble in living with integrity because of living under the lure of power or the love of money. Where, O God, are the men and women who are willing to walk in Your ways and appear as lights in the world? Increase their numbers.

Smash the corruption of organized crime and of bribes to police, border patrols, and judges which shatters millions of women and children. Let their days be few and others take their offices. Deliver those women and children who have been or are being robbed. May their oppressors fall. Destroy those who speak falsely. Install more men and women who will not be partial, who cannot be bought to look the other way, or who will not actively aid those who do evil.

You, Faithful God, keep Your covenant and loving kindness to those who love You and obey Your laws.

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