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In her beautiful testament Prayers for Crown Jewels, Karen so candidly presents the heartbreaking oppression, poverty, and spiritual battles afflicting the world's women and children. Yet there is hope! Our Jesus has the power to transform hearts, lives, and nations, and these powerful prayers offer an effective blueprint for world-changing intercession.

John C. Boyd, President and CEO, Mission Aviation Fellowship]

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There are over 30 million in our world today who are suffering slavery, sexual abuse, and/or oppression. Many, if not most, of us are unaware of these issues facing primarily women and children. Once made aware, we want to help, to be a part of the solution. But we don’t know how. We also are not sure that it would make a difference. God has given us families and jobs and ministries right where we are. How can we drop everything to go stand alongside those who are hurting? If there was only a way...

There is a way. We can confidently approach the very throne of God and stand as an advocate for these distressed women and children. Jesus said if we do anything for the least of our brethren, we do it unto Him. These are precious souls who are hidden away from the public eye. They feel forgotten, abandoned, and/or hopeless. God is the only One who knows exactly what each one needs today; He is the only One who can give help that will last. It is to our loving heavenly Father that we must go.

This website contains a prayer strategy for thirty-one prayers covering a wide range of topics that affect oppressed and/or broken women and children in today’s world of globalization. In theory, one focus for each day of the month. The suggested prayer and photo for each day will automatically load on the home page. If you only have time to pray that prayer on a given day, it is still of significant, eternal value. On days when you have more time, you may want to pray through the scripture themselves, the list of facts, or a recent article. These are all listed on the resource page for each day.

Because God's grace is always available and free, we wanted to make these prayers to be a reflection of that. Therefore, this website is free! For those like me who generally do not have a computer in front of them during their prayer time, the book is available for purchase.

Prayer is not glamorous or enticing. It can sometimes be spectacular and sensational. However, many of our answers we won’t see until heaven. What joy awaits us to hear Jesus’ words of, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant!” And then He will step aside to show us the thousands (dare we believe God for millions!) of women and children whose lives or circumstances were changed because we prayed. Keep at it, follower of Christ, in the power of the Spirit. Be fervent. Be faithful. The women and children of our world are desperate for release.


Karen graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in elementary education. She taught first grade and then joined staff with Cru for seven years. In 1986 Karen followed her heart and God’s call to Zaire (DR Congo) as the fiancée to Daniel Carlson. God blessed them with eight children. Even through evacuations, pillages, and a devastating fire, Karen’s love for the Congolese continues. Currently in Lubumbashi, DR Congo, she wrote these prayers as her personal response to the horrors inflicted upon the women and children of DR Congo.


Anastasia (Dan and Karen’s oldest child) spent five months in Nepal for her Biblical studies internship with Moody Bible Institute-Spokane, Washington. All but the rose photo was taken during that time. She is currently serving a twenty-three month term with ReachGlobal in France where she is studying French, leading the music team, and assisting with the university student ministry of the International Christian Community of Lyon.