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In her beautiful testament Prayers for Crown Jewels, Karen so candidly presents the heartbreaking oppression, poverty, and spiritual battles afflicting the world's women and children. Yet there is hope! Our Jesus has the power to transform hearts, lives, and nations, and these powerful prayers offer an effective blueprint for world-changing intercession.

John C. Boyd, President and CEO, Mission Aviation Fellowship]

Do you sense an urgency to pray for women in war-torn lands but feel overwhelmed by cultural differences, not knowing how to pray for those with needs vastly different than yours? Karen Carlson leads the reader through powerful model prayers that uniquely petition the Lord for the harassed and destitute woman. Using the names of God revealed throughout Scripture, Karen reminds us how Jesus Christ cherishes women, who are undervalued and too often seen as worthless, as Crown Jewels. This is a wonderful resource for anyone wanting to be obedient to pray with impact for those she may never meet until heaven.

Shawn Lantz, speaker and author of Encountering the Healing Power of Forgiveness and Living With Unmet Desires: Exposing the Many Faces of Jealousy]

We live in a world where countless women and children, preciously created in God's image, endure abuse, slavery, trafficking, hunger, violence and so much more. The need seems overwhelming, the war unwinnable. But in Prayers for Crown Jewels, author Karen Carlson reminds us that prayer is not the least of weapons. The book's thirty-day format with prayers, challenges, and resources helps any reader - or prayer warrior - become intentional in waging this war through prayer on behalf of women and children at risk worldwide. May each of us accept the challenge!

Jeanette Windle, author of Veiled Freedom, Freedom's Stand, and Congo Dawn]

Having lived and worked for more than 40 years in some of the poorest and most war torn parts of the world, I rejoice to see this book come into being. Together we can make a difference through our prayers. Recently I have been involved in a trauma healing ministry to deeply hurting, wounded people. It means so much to them to hear that God's people around the world are remembering and praying for them. Don't let this book sit on the shelf. Use it every day and wear it out! One day in heaven you will meet thousands of people who were rescued from unspeakable horror in answer to your faithful prayers!

Cami Robbins, Wycliffe Bible Translators, USA]

I feel as if I am on sacred ground when reading and praying through these prayers. I can't tell you how much they have blessed me. I love Karen's heart behind them. I love the Spirit who permeates them, and I love their content. I pray that will be a vehicle for moving the Church to God-glorifying, people-benefiting, bold, courageous praying!