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Each day we will feature three new quotes from a classic book to encourage you in your communication with God.

Today's classic: E.M. Bounds. The Essentials of Prayer. Christian Classics Ethereal Library. Grand Rapids, MI. was started on 03/14/15


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[p. ]

"And true prayer corrects complaining and promotes gratitude and thanksgiving."

"Appreciative men and women have neither the time nor disposition to stop and complain."

"To restore the spirit of praise to our congregations should be one of the main points with every true pastor."

[p. 18, 19]

"Love is the child of gratitude. Love grows as gratitude is felt,..."

"Gratitude and thanksgiving always looks back at the past though it may also take in the present. But prayer always looks to the future."

"Gratitude and thanksgiving forever stand opposed to all murmurings at God’s dealings with us, and all complainings at our lot."