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The following passages in the Bible were referenced in some way in the prayer for this topic.

Prov. 8:13; Is. 58:2; Rom.13:4; I Kings 3:9; Ps. 82:3-4; Rom. 13:1; 2 Sam. 8:15; Ps. 91:13


  • Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia as regions lag behind other regions around the world in most dimensions of the rule of law.

    Countries with a well-function criminal justice system generally have less crime. “Crime rates in Latin America are among the highest in the world.”

    — “The WJR Rule of Law Index 2012-2013” 2012. Web.pdf. 04 Mar. 2014.

  • Obtaining justice is often too costly for the majority of women in the world. Corruption and bribery are high. The location of the courts is hard to reach for the poor.2 There is a high drop-out rate for women seeking justice on gender-based violence.

    The U.S. spends $4.2 billion each year to help in justice reform, but only 5% specifically targets women and girls (half of the population!). Domestic violence is not considered a crime in countries housing 603 million women.

    Marital rape has not been criminalized in countries for 2.6 billion women.

    Even though 117 countries have equal pay laws, women are still paid 10-30% less in some countries in the world. When women make up 30% of a nation’s parliament, greater progress is made in women’s rights (voting, workplace, family, and property and inheritance). Lack of sexual harassment laws affects 311 million working age women. Progress has been made legally for ownership and inheritance rights for women.

    — “Justice Still out of Reach for Millions of Women, UN Women Says.” 06 July 2011. Web. 17 Nov. 2011.

  • International Justice Mission does not usually work with the lowest level of police officers since they are more likely to be tied up with the perpetrators (Loc 88).

    — Batstone, David. Not for Sale. HarperCollins. 2008. Kindle edition. Model D00901.


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Ministries And Organizations Who Are Making a Difference

I am not personally involved in all the ministries and organizations listed below. I am merely listing known possibilities within a limited framework of credentials. Please do your own research.

Equality Now

"Our Mission: to achieve legal and systemic change that addresses violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world."

International Justice Mission

Key player in seeking international justice. "We don’t stop at rescuing people after they have been abused. Our ultimate goal is to prevent the violence from happening in the first place."

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange