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Health Care & AIDS

The following passages in the Bible were referenced in some way in the prayer for this topic.

Jam. 5:13; Ex. 15:26; Mk. 2:3-12; Matt. 7:1; Jn. 12:47


  • A third of the women in developing countries marry by 18. Death in pregnancy and childbirth is the number one cause of death for girls 15-19.

    — “Factsheet: Global.” Progress of World’s Women 2011-2012. n.d. Web. 17 Nov. 2011.

  • In 2012 an estimated 35.2 million people were living with HIV and 1.6 million died from AIDS.

    — “Global Report 2013.” 2013. Web.pdf. 04 Mar. 2014.

  • Debt bondage (slavery conditions due to debt) occurs most frequently in a family health crisis (291).

    Every three minutes a baby dies in India from diarrhea (291).

    — Skinner, E. Benjamin. A Crime So Monstrous. New York: Free Press. 2008.

  • Worldwide 600,000 (estimated) women die in childbirth yearly (32).

    — Miller, Darrow L. with Stan Guthrie. Nurturing the Nations. Colorado Springs: Paternoster. 2007.

  • “Sex trafficking plays a major role in the spread of HIV.”

    — “55 Little Known Facts About Human Trafficking.” 02 Jan. 2011. Web. 29 Nov. 2011.


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Ministries And Organizations Who Are Making a Difference

I am not personally involved in all the ministries and organizations listed below. I am merely listing known possibilities within a limited framework of credentials. Please do your own research.

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

"... seeks to end pediatric HIV/AIDS through research, advocacy, and prevention and treatment programs."

HIV & AIDS Initiative--Saddleback Church

"The HIV&AIDS Initiative exists to raise awareness, promote prevention, lower stigma, and love on those who suffer with the disease."