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Physical & Emotional Healing

The following passages in the Bible were referenced in some way in the prayer for this topic.

Is. 61:1-2; 2 Cor. 1:3; Rom. 8:38-39; Jer. 32:27; Rm. 8:26-28


  • Statistics on violence against women must be interpreted with caution, as many women do not report it due to “discrimination, stigma, or even the threat of being killed.”

    “97% of married women in Egypt aged 15 to 49 have undergone female genital mutilation.”

    The majority of women in the following countries never told anyone of their physical abuse/rape or sought help: Egypt 47%, Chile 97%, Ireland 80%, Australia 18%, Russian Federation 40%, UK 87%, and Bangladesh 68%...USA 84%.

    — “Making Violence against Women Count: Facts and Figures—a Summary.” Amnesty International. 03 May 2004. Web. 03 Dec. 2011.

  • Internationally 35% of women have experienced some kind of sexual violence in their lifetime.

    Sexual violence “can lead to depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep difficulties, eating disorders, emotional distress and suicide attempts.”

    “Sexual violence, particularly during childhood, can lead to increased smoking, drug and alcohol misuse, and risky sexual behaviors in later life.”

    — “Violence against Women.” “Fact sheet #239.” October 2013. Web. 05 Mar. 2014.

  • In the U.S. “women experience two million injuries from intimate partner violence each year.”

    “One in three adolescent girls in the United States is a victim of physical, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner.”

    Almost 25% of U.S. women have experienced domestic violence.

    — “Get the Facts: The Facts on Domestic, Dating and Sexual Violence.” 2014. Web. 05 Mar. 2014.

  • Infibulation can cause many short term and long term risks including shock, infections, infertility, labor problems and even AIDS (4).

    — Abusharaf, Rogaia Mustafa. Female Circumcision. Philadelphia: Univ. of Penn. Press. 2006.

  • “Domestic violence is the number one health risk for American women between the ages of fifteen and forty-five” (21).

    Every day just fewer than 6,000 girls are genitally mutilated [usually encouraged and performed by the women in the society] (28).

    — Miller, Darrow L. with Stan Guthrie. Nurturing the Nations. Colorado Springs: Paternoster. 2007.


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These links may change occasionally to make room for more current or relevant information.

"How a Courageous Christina Woman Who Survived Rape at the Hand of Slave Raiders in Sudan Keeps Braving Bombs and Violence to Save Orphans"

A living, walking example of one whom God has taken mourning and exchanged it for the oil of gladness

"Survivors of Sex Trafficking Share What It Means to Be Beautiful"

"Though they woke up free the very next day, learning how to live free will take time." Key statement to illustrate the importance of dealing with all the trauma these women have gone through. International Justice Mission understands this.

Ministries And Organizations Who Are Making a Difference

I am not personally involved in all the ministries and organizations listed below. I am merely listing known possibilities within a limited framework of credentials. Please do your own research.

Futures Without Violence

"For more than 30 years, FUTURES has been providing groundbreaking programs, policies, and campaigns that empower individuals and organizations working to end violence against women and children around the world."

Recovery Connection

"...a comprehensive website dedicated to helping people, or their loved ones, in need of help with detox, drug addiction or alcoholism find treatment."

Trauma Healing Institute

"The Trauma Healing Institute at American Bible Society is equipping people, churches, and NGOs around the world to care for the more than one in seven people worldwide who suffer severe wounds of the heart and spirit in the aftermath of conflict, disaster or abuse."