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The Poor

The following passages in the Bible were referenced in some way in the prayer for this topic.

Deut. 15:7; Is. 40:28-31; Ez. 16:49; Mal. 3:8-10; Prov. 22:9; Prov. 13:11; Lk. 19:8; I Jn. 2:1


  • Poor nutrition contributes in the 5 million deaths of children each year.

    The number of people living in extreme poverty in Sub- Saharan Africa has increased.

    The World Bank estimated in 2005 that 1.3 billion people lived on $1.25 or less a day.

    There were 890 million people chronically undernourished in the world as of 2012 (1 in 8).

    — “2013 World Hunger and Poverty Facts and Statistics.” 2013. Web. 05 Mar. 2014.

  • More and more women are selling their newborns on the black market, some for as little as a few hundred dollars.

    — “55 Little Known Facts About Human Trafficking.” 02 Jan. 2011. Web. 29 Nov. 2011.

  • Those who are in debt bondage far surpass any other type of slavery (229).

    Poverty is a major component in modern slavery (52).

    In the state of Bihar, India poor families often face the choice of watching their children starve, selling them as a slave, or giving them to radical Muslims (235).

    — Skinner, E. Benjamin. A Crime So Monstrous. New York: Free Press. 2008.

  • The gap between the rich and the poor is getting wider and more established (8).

    Of all the children in the world, one out of every two lives in poverty (4).

    — Shah, Siddarth. Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery. Kindle edition. Model D00901. 2009.

  • Selling a daughter in “moments of financial need does not raise an eyebrow in most sectors of Southeast Asia” (Loc 55).

    In extreme poverty, slavery becomes a “tempting financial solution” (Loc 23).

    — Batstone, David. Not for Sale. HarperCollins. 2008. Kindle edition. Model D00901.


On Nov 3rd 2014 Karen Carlson wrote:

Recommended reading: Corbett, Steve and Brian Fikkert. When Helping Hurts. Moody Publishers: Chicago. 2012.

On Oct 25th 2014 Karen Carlson wrote:

Please note: In the book edition, the following book was accidentally left out on the Book Cited page:

Shah, Siddarth. Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery. Kindle edition. 2009.


These links may change occasionally to make room for more current or relevant information.

Ministry Story: "Ebola Funds and Prayers from Haiti with Love"

This is a beautiful example that even the poor can be an example of reaching out to suffering children.

Ministries And Organizations Who Are Making a Difference

I am not personally involved in all the ministries and organizations listed below. I am merely listing known possibilities within a limited framework of credentials. Please do your own research.


A well-respected, long-time player in helping needy children through individual sponsership

Every Child Ministries

"To offer hope, practical help and dignity to African children & their families in the name of Jesus, with special emphasis on those who are broken or outcast for any reason--'the forgotten children of Africa.'"

Fair Trade Friday

"FTF exists as an avenue for women to empower women. We are tackling poverty through job opportunity and empowerment rather than enablement. 100% of the proceeds support the artisans, more than 300 women and their children from all over the world."


"We emancipate and empower victims of poverty and children at risk through compassionate care and sustainable economic and educational development."