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Dear heavenly Father, hundreds of millions in our world do not have even a portion of Your Word in their heart language. They cannot believe and call upon You if they do not know what You have said. Raise up more men and women who are willing to study many years to gain the skills necessary for Bible translation work. Provide the finances they need to acquire the training without going into great debt so they are able to quickly begin working in the fields ripe for harvest.

Strengthen those who are laboring long hours translating the Bible into their target language. Give them cultural keys that will open accurately Your truth to the people group for which they toil. Many are struggling with difficult and hostile situations. Provide for their spiritual, mental, emotional, financial, physical, and family needs. Bring more native speakers who have a heart for and the ability to express Your Word in their own language.

Your people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. May women and children around the world come to know and keep Your statutes. Any man, woman, or child is blessed who meditates on Your Word. As each delights in Your laws, You reveal more and more of Yourself to them as well as bless, strengthen, protect, revive, and comfort them. How great and awesome are You, the God of heaven! Your Word will endure forever.

Encourage today those women and children who find themselves in situations where it would be impossible to believe Your promises apart from Your Holy Spirit’s work in their lives. You can sympathize with and understand their struggles for even Your Son was beaten beyond recognition, abandoned, and forgotten at the cross. Yet through it all, He clung to Scripture.

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