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El-Olam (Everlasting God), may businesswomen have a tender heart for other women and children, especially widows in their midst. May they never be tempted to use cheap slave labor or compromise Your holy standard. Use these business leaders to stir up and expose the dark side of business. Give them the integrity and determination to work righteousness and refuse to walk alongside companies who oppress and abuse women and children. This might mean temporary setbacks in terms of finances, influence, and progress. However, the godly women, who walk in Your ways in their businesses, will ultimately and for eternity be blessed. Your Son, the Cornerstone, will be the foundation and focus of their businesses.

Especially bless women with micro-businesses around the world who are struggling to provide the basic necessities for their families. Bring others into their lives who can teach them sound business protocol and ethical probity. Increase the ministries of those organizations and people who are striving to aid poverty-stricken women with micro financing. May we, Your children, freely open our hand to the needy and poor around the world so they will have access to needed finances. You empowering these women will strengthen societies and economies around the world.

The governments and societal norms around them can easily oppress many women legally. Bring true legal help to those who are experiencing barriers in their place of work. Shield them from all forms of sexual harassment and assault. Supernaturally grow businesses and individuals who will create safe work places. May women in the work force be paid fair and comparable wages. Transform the hearts of those men throughout the world who do not want women to grow and develop the gifts and abilities You have given them.

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