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April 4 See full image and story

King David proclaimed You as Jehovah-Rohi (the LORD is my Shepherd). Furthermore, Father, You sent Jesus to be the Shepherd of our Souls. He was the perfect example of how to care for His flock. Even though He was the Son of God, He did not demand special attention or preferential treatment. The needs of His flock were ever present in His mind. He was never too busy. He valued women far more than the culture of the day dictated. Little children were always welcomed into His arms. Jesus loved and attended to the lost, the broken, and the needy—regardless of their gender or their age.

Today many whom You have called to be a shepherd have themselves lost their way. They destroy and scatter Your sheep. Woe to those who look out merely for their own personal interest and not those of Jesus. Pour out Your Spirit upon these church leaders around the world. Then they will be known for their love, compassion, and watchful care of the flock that You have given them. By the power of Your Spirit, they will not lead your children off Your path but straight to You, their only Resting Place. Stir up their spirits to follow Your leading. They will find a perfect mentor in You.

You hate pride, haughtiness, sexual sin, and arrogance in Your people, especially in church leaders. Teach them to serve rather than to be served. Let men in leadership be role models in regard to loving and serving their wives as Your Son serves the church.

Only through the power of Your Spirit are they able to set the example to strengthen the sick, heal the diseased, bind up the broken, bring back the scattered, and seek the lost.

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