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Jesus is eternal Life, the Truth, and the only Way. There is no other name with the authority to save us. Anyone who has the Son of God has life. But millions around the world do not know even who the Redeemer is. Other millions have not understood the clear Gospel message of Jesus’ sacrifice for their sins. How can these millions believe unless they hear? And how will they hear unless Your children go to them?

Open countries which have closed their borders to missionaries, Father. Empower nationals who know You to proclaim Your name and works. Grant a free access to each people group in our world. Through Your Holy Spirit, open their spirits and enlighten their eyes to Your great love and eternal plan for their lives. You have placed eternity in every heart. We wait with eagerness and faith for the culmination of history; where from each tribe and tongue and nation, those washed in Your Son’s blood will worship You with a new song.

These missionary ambassadors will increase in Your grace so that they might willing work at what brings You pleasure. Their ever-increasing love for You and for others will gain them friends and influence in key positions. Grow them in the works and ministry of the Holy Spirit, especially in countries that historically have had hard ground.

As these sent-ones pray according to Your will, Elohim (God), answer them with amplified provision and ministry opportunities. Open their eyes to where the field is white for harvest in the areas where they serve. Equip them with increased boldness to preach the Gospel to the dying. They will not labor in vain as You build Your house upon the Rock, Your Son. May millions turn to You with believing faith.

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