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April 7 See full image and story

Adonai (Lord of my life), Your Son is the True Vine; we are the branches. In order to bear more spiritual fruit, You prune each branch. It is not typically enjoyable. Some women and children are going through intense pruning right now. Encourage each one today to know that their circumstances are not more than they can bear, although humanly, it looks like they are.

As Corrie ten Boom said, “There is no pit so deep that God is not deeper still.” Grow these suffering ones so their roots stretch down to find the sweet Living Water. You will work far more abundantly in their lives than what they can even dream about. Some women and children have been so traumatized by people in the church that they want nothing to do with You. Break down the walls and replant their Faith Garden.

You call every believer, no matter what nationality or what circumstance, to be a follower of You, Jesus. Doing Your Father’s will was all that mattered. It is all that matters today as well. That great and fraudulent master, money, will not have claim over these women and children’s lives. Instead, they will ask for and receive wisdom from above so they can be imitators of You.

We are to reflect You in all that we do so that the world will see our good works and give You the glory You deserve. Women and children all over the world have that opportunity to shine Your light in the darkest holes. You will not fail them. Your physically-broken, but spiritually-alive children will shout along with the apostle Paul, “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain!” Many will be encouraged as they see the spiritual depth in these lives. Your name will be magnified forever!

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