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Heavenly Father, You place a high priority on reading and meditating on Your Word. You bless those individuals who read and hear Your words. Throughout history, disastrous errors came into Your Church and cultures when the general populous became illiterate. When the few and powerful are the only individuals who know how to read, personal liberties are minimal or non-existent.

The more education a girl has, the less likely she is to be a victim of prostitution, slavery, poverty, and violence. Stir up the hearts of girls and women around the world to hunger for truth and wisdom in all areas of life. Break down the barriers of gender preference for the financing for schooling and education. Supernaturally provide funding for those families who do not have the means to send all their children to school, especially difficult when the girls reach secondary school. Soften the hearts of fathers who believe that education will only ruin or compromise their wives and daughters. Bless these girls with Your wisdom as well as the commitment to finish secondary school.

When girls do attend school, protect them from sexual harassment or harm from male teachers, school leaders, and/or other students. Provide safe environments where girls and women can learn. Bring down the high illiteracy rate of women around the world. Open up innovative venues where young women can learn skills and trades so they can help supplement their families’ incomes. Spark creative ideas for new home businesses especially where women and girls do not yet have much freedom outside the home.

We desire that whatever teaching is done follows Your guidelines: those things which are true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, of good repute, excellent, and worthy of praise. May Your Word be the strong foundation of all they are taught and learn.

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