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April 9 See full image and story

Father, You are slow to anger. You do not feel any pleasure in the death of the wicked. Your desire is for them to turn, to repent, to be restored, and to walk in Your ways. You offer forgiveness to each and every one of those guilty of not keeping Your holy standard even to the one who has been responsible for despicable acts against women and children. That is Your Father-heart.

However, Your righteousness cannot tolerate the wicked in Your presence, O Consuming Fire. It is terrifying to fall into Your hands, O Living God. Convict the wicked. May they truly rend their hearts before You and not mock You or merely put on a show of penitence. We believe that evil men and women shall have a change of heart and thus put away violence and destruction. They will concentrate instead on practicing justice and righteousness.

The ungodly, who rejoice over the fall or death of the righteous, do not know that You are the salvation and light of the upright. We stand here and now in faith waiting expectantly for You, Lord God, to break through and deliver. In faith the praises of those who oppress the lowly will fall upon infertile ground. Confuse the counsel of those who rely on ungodly and unprincipled men and women. We proclaim that the unrepentant themselves will fall into the pits they dug for others!

Enough of those who expropriate the property of the poor for their own gain! You, Almighty, will by no means let the wicked go unpunished. You are jealous, avenging, and wrathful on those who continue in their wicked ways. Repay them according to their dealings. You maintain our just prayer. How majestic is Your name!

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