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April 13 See full image and story

Satan prowls about like a roaring lion seeking to destroy and devour Your most basic foundation for society, the family. In the power of Your Spirit, gird up those who call You by name to be on the alert and to resist the enemy. Restore and revive Christian marriages to be a reflection of every blessing You intended it to be. Consecrate men who love their wives and women who honor their husbands to be role models and mentors. Money woes, problem children, addictions, and infidelity can threaten even the strongest union if both the husband and wife are not centered in Christ.

Because You hate divorce, remind family members, especially husbands and wives, of the imperativeness to forgive, for the little things as well as the big. Your Spirit provides the means to forgive when others have harmed or wounded us. Continue to raise up godly fathers and mothers who understand and obey the important mandate to bring up and instruct their children in the knowledge and fear of You.

Millions of girls and women yearn for healing from what fathers, brothers, and/or other men in their families have done to them. In the very place where You designed protection—the family—these women and girls have found betrayal and evil. How Your Father-heart weeps! Because their own fathers or father figures have defrauded them, these women who need Your love and gift of salvation run from it. Remove the warped lens from their eyes so they can see and know You as their Loving Father. There is no other place where these priceless but blemished ones can come for healing. Only the blood of Christ can wash away the sin done to them. Only the blood of Christ can make these unfinished gems sparkle clean, pure, and bright.

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