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April 14 See full image and story

Millions of women and children today need You, O Comforter, as they struggle to make it through the day. Unbelievable horrors have been levied against them, who are made in Your likeness, who are reflections of Your glory. Wrong after wrong, year after year, they have hung on by a thread. Multitudes do not know that You are the Balm of Gilead, the only One who can soothe, heal, and restore.

Jesus taught to forgive those who harm and shatter everything near and dear. Remind them how much You have forgiven them. You know the abuse each one has faced and/or is facing today. May Your Holy Spirit bring to mind any unconfessed sin or person to forgive. In faith these women and children will resist the roots of bitterness, rage, and hopelessness to be planted in their spirits. You stand ready to gather these precious souls into Your arms enabling them to forgive their enemies or their families for their part in this abuse.

Because of the enemy’s lies, some may even blame You. Many women have regrets over choices they made. Encourage them to forgive themselves. As each one reaches out in the power of the Holy Spirit to forgive, may You overwhelm them with peace and joy in their spirits. Only You can make that exchange. Use this in their lives to show others around them the difference of Christianity, which is Christ in them.

We acknowledge that Your loving-kindnesses and Your compassions never cease or fail. They are new every morning. Even though many circumstances cloud that truth, we believe that Your faithfulness is great. It is hard to understand that these women and children are blessed because You will embrace them in a way most of us will never experience.

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