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April 15 See full image and story

Your desire is for us to come to You and to pray when any are suffering, Jehovah-Rapha (the LORD that Heals). Open Your ears to the cries from ill and disease-ridden women and children. Bless the many hospital and public health clinics around the world working under difficult and demanding situations. Raise up more skilled medical personnel to support Your work in medical missions. Open our hearts to give money and resources to buy needed equipment, supplies, and medicine.

Work in each government around the world to advance medical work in their country. What You are doing with the little that these hospitals and centers have is nothing short of miraculous! Praise Your name! Tropical and insect-borne diseases, sanitation and hygiene issues, and contaminated water are rampant in the developing world. Guide those who are researching cures and solutions to health problems. Open their eyes to see new ways of treating diseases.

Place efficient, trained men and women of integrity in administrative positions. They need Your balance of compassion and equity as they juggle overwhelming needs with limited resources. Gift them with creative responses. Empower them to run a tight ship for temptations to pilfer abound.

As women and children heal physically, bring alongside medical staff, chaplains, and pastors who can point the Way to emotional and spiritual healing. We cannot simply treat the body without attending to the soul and spirit.

Millions of women and children have health issues related to moral choices, either their own or someone else’s. Forgive our judging those who have preventable diseases, especially STDs and AIDS. You alone, Holy Father, are Judge. Even Your Son Jesus did not come to judge the world, but to save those who are in darkness. Let us therefore pray for Your mercy and Your saving grace.

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