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April 16 See full image and story

Diseases, which most children in the developed world can fight off, become life threatening in the developing world. In some areas, Father, infants are not even given a name for months, even years. Save the children of the needy, O God.

Your Son, the Living Water, understands the benefits of clean, life-saving water. Thousands of communities need outside aid to bring safe water to them. In addition, Your little ones need adequate housing, sanitation, food, and medical care so they can grow and fulfill the destiny You have for them. Show Your compassion to these wee ones. Bless their parents with adequate jobs so they can properly provide for the children You have given them. Bring more men and women alongside to teach and model simple but important well-being lifestyles. Give them fresh, creative, and sustainable ideas for healthier communities around the world.

Children are a gift from You. However, millions of babies, created by You and in Your image, are regarded as merely tissue in their mothers’ wombs and are deemed as unwanted, inconvenient, or unworthy to live. Therefore these precious ones are aborted and thrown away. And if they are baby girls in many parts of the world, they are in greater risk. We grieve alongside You. In Your great mercy, Author of Life, save them. They did not have the chance to live out Your purpose for their lives. Bring to justice those who have aided in this carnage: health providers, government officials, or family and friends.

Heal emotionally those women, whether young or old, who have repented of abortions in the past and enable them to forgive themselves. Raise up an army of believers who are willing to give of their finances, their time, and their energy to fight in the battle for little children.

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