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April 18 See full image and story

The greatest example of servanthood is found in Your Son. Jesus spoke and the world was made. Since that time He has held all things together. Yet He did not insist on His rights as God but set aside those privileges to become a servant obediently following Your purpose. He was willing to give up all so we might become joint-heirs with Him. He had us in mind on that cross. He willingly gave of His life so we might gain eternal life.

Raise up men of God who are passionate to serve You, as Jesus did, with their whole hearts. By faith each will teach their children Your ways as they go about their days. They won’t beat their children, either verbally or literally, with man-made religious rules so they develop hearts of stone. These husbands/fathers will cultivate tender hearts for You in their homes and instill in each a hunger and ability to hear Your voice. They will lead primarily by being an imitator of Jesus Christ and walking in His love.

Being a godly leader in the home is impossible without Your grace and Your Holy Spirit working in each man’s life. So many throw in the towel and flee when the road gets tough. Millions of women and children have been abandoned by their husbands/fathers. Where are these protectors, these champions?

Restore the hearts of these fallen husbands and fathers to their families. Strengthen feeble hearts. Transform angry tempers. Emblazon despondent souls with Your hope, compassion, and faith. Teach their mouths how to bless and not curse. How blessed is the man who can manage his household with dignity and grace for he will hear You say, “Well done, My good and faithful servant.”

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