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April 19 See full image and story

Because of drought, overgrazing, deforestation, soil depletion, greed, government policies, and warfare, both scarcities of food and vitamin/mineral deficiencies abound. Barrenness in nature does not reflect Your glory. Most of these tragedies have not been brought on by You, Most Gracious Father, but by mankind. Strengthen those who endeavor to fight these curses like You did with Elisha of old.

Empower the efforts of those who are working in impoverished communities to re-establish healthy environments so Your creation can flourish. Thwart the plans of those who are altering foods from Your unique design. You originally created our world in perfect harmony. Since You commanded mankind to rule over and subdue the earth, we can be confident that You will also grant blessing when we labor diligently to care for Your creation in a way that will bring glory to You.

Many thousands of families around the world witness malnutrition ravaging their loved ones. With rising food prices all over the world, the meager “dollar” millions have each day for food stretches less and less. You know their pain and their struggles, and You care. Jesus understood how important day-to-day nourishment was. Much of His life and several of His miracles pertained to food, especially daily bread. In Your mercy, give them their daily bread, Jehovah-Jireh (the LORD Will Provide).

Thousands of parents in their own wisdom reason they must sacrifice one daughter, selling her into slavery, to purchase food for the rest of their children. O, Bread of Life, they do not know You and Your ability and willingness to multiply and care for each and every one in the family! Show them Your providing power and increase their faith. Visit Your people, Heavenly Father. Especially provide miraculously for the little ones who are generally the most vulnerable.

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