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April 20 See full image and story

We live in an age to fight for human freedom. To battle against the rulers, powers, and world forces of this darkness, we must put on the full armor You have provided for us. Remind us daily, as we stand firm against the prince of this world. Moral decadence of any kind is abhorrent to Your attributes of love, holiness, and purity. Oh, Elohim (the God of Power and Might), only You can break through the chains of modern-day slavery. Your Son, Jesus, broke the curse of death and sin; He has the power to shatter slave trade, sex trafficking, and pornography.

May women and children find Your grace in this viper’s pit where they feel lost, abandoned, and forgotten. Supernaturally heal their broken bones and bruised bodies; restore their minds blown out by drugs to make them compliant. Draw them to Yourself with Your everlasting love. May they know Your Father-heart, which weeps at what has been/is being done to them. Even when they cannot yet escape the horrors surrounding them, be their refuge, their fortress, their hope, and their joy—impossibilities apart from You being the God of the Universe.

May Your Spirit bless the hands of those who are working to set the captives free, for it is Your work. Lighten their load; carry their burden for it is too great for them to bear. Bring more people and resources to stand, work, and pray alongside them. Multiply what they do supernaturally so more and more women and children caught in Satan’s steel trap are set free. Enlighten and empower those who care for them afterwards in finding housing, food, employment, emotional counseling, protection, and restore them with their families.

Bring an end to the suffering of women and children.

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