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April 21 See full image and story

King of Kings, confusion reigns in nations and cultures today in what constitutes right and wrong. People call the good evil and the evil good. How is a person to know?

Many believe money holds the answers to basic questions of life. Gold…so many want it, Lord. Wars are fought even today over the control of it. However, there is something more desirable than gold. It is perfect; it restores the soul; it makes the simple wise; it rejoices the heart and enlightens the eyes. An entire Psalm—176 verses!—expounds on the beauty and wonder of Your statutes. How we love Your Word! When we have lost our way, Your precepts bring us back. When we struggle with doing what is right, Your commandments show us the way. When we don’t understand what is happening, Your testimonies are our counselors.

People have inflicted despicable evils on innocents because they thought they had license to do so. Anything can seem right in our own sinful hearts, but unless the foundation of righteousness and justice is in You, it is erroneous. Because of Your love and Your desire to bless Your children, You made morality clear for all. To those who do not want to acknowledge You and Your ways, bring them to repentance and heal their depraved minds.

The only standard that is always true is Your Word, the Bible. The hurting women and children of this world need to know Your absolutes. Chastise those who confuse these precious ones of what is right and wrong. If they don’t have any portion of scripture or cannot read, through Your Spirit speak Your truths into their hearts. Remove the scales the enemy has placed on their eyes so they can know the Truth and be free!

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