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April 24 See full image and story

El-Shaddai (God Almighty), burden those in the penal system to understand the circumstances of the past that led female inmates to where they are today, especially if they are women of color or a different tribe or people group. Bless the work of those inside and outside the prisons whether it is evangelism, Bible studies, education, life skills, vocational training, or counseling. Protect female inmates from further abuse while in jail.

Vindicate those women and girls who have been wrongly accused and incarcerated. Convict the hearts of the women and girls who have strayed from You either intentionally or because they believed there to be no other option. Release these women from the ironclad chains of syndicate crime and drugs. Breathe hope into their spirits and souls.

The great majority of those arrested in prostitution, trafficking, or substance abuse end up back on the street and doing drugs with their “daddy”, their pimp. Oh, Father! You are their true Abba, Daddy! Remove the scales from their eyes and the strongholds in their lives so these lovely ones can see You and Your provision for them. Open their hearts to the blessings and victories You have for them as new creatures in Christ. Proclaim Your freedom to these captives.

Show mercy to those under-sixteen girls who are arrested on the streets. May they not be placed in adult prisons and tried as adults. Raise up ministries that are able to compassionately and comprehensively rehabilitate these girls to get them off the street or substance abuse and into churches, homes, and schools where they can grow and develop into the godly women You desire them to be. You command us to compassionately remember in prayer and deed those who are in prison. May we not fail You.

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