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April 25 See full image and story

Christian believers are being targeted for their faith all over the world today. Thank You, Father, that even now Jesus is making intercession for women and children who are facing persecution and lack religious freedom simply because of their gender or age. We will not be silent about this genocide. Honor killings, acid throwing, and bride burnings still claim young women. Only the power of the Gospel can change these harsh cultural practices.

In addition, place Your wall of protection around Christian churches and those Christian-owned businesses in areas that are notorious for vandalizing, burning, and bombing. Strengthen the leaders in the underground church. Shelter them in the shadow of Your Almighty Wings. You are their Hiding Place. They will shout of Your deliverance.

Hide individual believers in the blood of Jesus. Their faith will be fortified as they see You deliver them from the snares of evil men. Foil the plans of those who intend harm. You are their shield and their rampart. Be the defense of their life. Encourage those who are suffering for the sake of righteousness. Calm any fears. In Your mercy and grace, grant them the peace that rises above the difficulties looming over them.

Jehovah-Sabaoth (the LORD of Hosts), work peace and stability in the lives of those who have chosen to follow You in spite of great opposition, beatings, jailing, and/or even death. Should death in this present world come, comfort and provide for their loved ones left behind. May You use human tragedy to build Your Church which will stand victorious forevermore. Father, You are able to grieve with those whose loved ones have shed blood for their faith because Your very own Son purchased salvation with His blood for all who believe.

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