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April 26 See full image and story

You desire men and women who trust in You to build up the wall and stand in the gap. The gap before us is a chasm: slavery, oppression, robbery, rape, abortion, and injustice to the poor and needy—especially to women and children.

We cannot stand before a holy God. Jehovah Maccaddeshem (the LORD thy Sanctifier), You are the Lord who sanctifies us. Any who hide sin will not prosper for eternity. Daily remind us to come to the throne of grace to confess and forsake our transgressions and find compassion, forgiveness, and healing. May we have our hearts sprinkled clean from all evil so we can be holy as You are holy.

You desire us to be uncorrupted, blameless, and innocent so that we are Spirit-filled lights shining forth Your glory in the darkness around. To those who refuse, You are the Refiner’s Fire to burn off all the chaff and impurities. How You hate duplicity, especially in Your Church! We must be people who talk and walk the fruit of the Spirit. Jesus had kinder words to flagrant sinners than He did to those who were religious hypocrites. Great calamity and ruin come to Your people who do not turn from all transgressions.

There have been many women and children who have been wounded or desecrated by individuals in the Church. Perhaps it has been unkind, mocking words or outright lies, perhaps deception or insensitivity, perhaps far worse. And because of our disregard of Your holiness in our lives, we have pushed some away from You. Bring these sins to light. Forgive us. Show us any restitution we can do, and give us the courage to follow through. Reprove and discipline us individually and corporately. We need revival! The time is now; Your kingdom is at hand.

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