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April 29 See full image and story

We appeal to You, Jehovah-Shalom (the LORD our Peace). So many women and children have been wronged, abused, tortured, and killed. Millions have been raped and maimed as weapons of war. We cannot know the full story of each one, but You do, and it grieves You. Mighty One, You will never forget. You will never abandon Your creation and Your children.

Increase Your angels to surround each of them. Keep them from the Path of the Destroyer. Hide them in the blood of Your Son. As they learn about You, they will call upon You, and You will be with them and rescue them. In faith, these precious ones will dwell in the shelter of the Most High. They will find refuge under Your wings.

We plead with You also to intervene and to repay. You hate those who love viciousness; You abhor men of violence. Vengeance is Yours, O Jehovah-Gmolah (the God of Recompense). Expose what has been done and continues to be done in areas where crimes against women and children are used to destabilize, terrorize, and subdue tribal, ethnic, or political conflicts. Many times the police and military are the perpetrators or accomplices. Replace them with Your servants who will uphold their God-given roles.

Aid those who endeavor to bring to justice the wrongs and evil done in war-torn areas. You see their oppression. Come and judge their case. Eventually Your enemies will stumble and perish before You. We draw near to the throne of God so these, Your children, may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. You have heard our voices. Do not hide Your ear from our prayers for relief. Blessed be Your name, God of Israel, who alone works wonders.

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