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April 30 See full image and story

We want to be part of fulfilling the law of Christ by bearing the burdens of the widows and orphans around us. Keep us faithful in doing good. However, there are millions more in the world today who do not have the support of those around them. They need Your gentle, protective hand upon them, Jehovah-Shammah (the LORD is There). They will know deep in their souls how much You love them. The cry of their heart to You is, “Abba, Daddy.” Increasingly the women and children will know that they can trust You.

Open the mouths of those who judge for the rights of the unfortunate. They will defend the afflicted and needy. They will speak up and dispense true justice so that no one can oppress the widow or the orphan, the stranger or the poor.

Raise up more men and women to look after the needs of widows and children. Strengthen the vulnerable ones physically, for often their health suffers. Many ministries are currently working tirelessly all over the world to care for Your loved ones. Give them creative ideas to channel widows into skills and vocations where they can learn to support themselves and their children. In faith You will use them in remarkable ways to further the Gospel.

Give these widows a passion for visiting the sick and bereaved, helping in their communities, and fasting and praying. They will especially reach out to other widows and orphans. You will use them to comfort and encourage others because they themselves have learned to come to You for their every need. Furthermore, their personal identity is found only in You, not in their past husband and the loss of status which often comes upon them in many parts of the world.

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