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April 31 See full image and story

El Emeth (God of Truth/Faithfulness), the numbers in our world today who are suffering affliction, slavery, sexual abuse, and/or oppression are too high for us to even imagine. However, You are calling Your people to not close our eyes to the evil deeds occurring in every country of the world, but to uncover the darkness, and to get involved. Sanctify us in the truth. Teach us to do good, to seek justice, to reprove the ruthless, to defend the orphan, and to plead for the widow.

May we be faithful and alert to devote ourselves to prayer following Jesus’ example, who always lives to make intercession for His children. If we abide in You, and Your words abide in us, we can confidently stand as an advocate for distressed women and children.

As Christ was steadfast and firm in His obedience to offer Himself as a sacrifice for us, may we also not fail You to walk out love to the needy. Our hearts may be stirred, but our flesh is weak, O God! Strengthen us for this battle. You have given us full armor to equip and protect ourselves—including Your Word, our sword; the belt of truth; and the shield of faith. We choose to not faint or listen to the lies of the enemy when he whispers that our prayers are futile.

We stand now and affirm that prayers, offered in Your name and with Your power by righteous believers, can accomplish much. Let us be guilty of believing You to move too many high mountains than too little. We wait expectantly upon You, Lord, to change the lives of women and children. One candle, one prayer, in the darkness can give light. Thousands can drive the darkness away. Instruct us to live day-by-day in that truth.

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